Imagine, that a man and his life are like a hat moves round and forms its own orbit, where, inside, he creates his proper space, character an his proper energy.

Now, the problem is, being able to respect and not invade the orbits of the others, that move around in their turns their own orbits.

It should work  in this way all the times, but happens very rarely or doesn’t happen at all.

This is the main reason of so many  useless disputes and discussions, which thousands of us are doing all day long and creating, consequently, big problems for entire humanity, ourselves.

The orbital theory is grounded on one element, which is the circle – the basis of anything, able to move on our planet or beyond it.

Think, that the place – Earth – on which we live and move about, is round and so are even the planets in the galaxy.

Our Lord, The universal order, brings this ideas back into our minds constantly, but we are so short-sighted, we can’t even recognize.

One of the first things, taught to us (and goes verified immediately) as we show the minimum necessary skill to reason and learn, is that the place, where we live is a planet and this planet is called Earth. But the thing, most important of all is, the simple fact, that we were borne, we are alive and all this, I think, doesn’t happen by the chance.

As the time goes, we get familiar with more and more information – among them, for example, that our planet moves round the Sun and….., has an independent own orbit, which never goes against those of the other planets.

And so all the Universal order, can be understood as anything else, than the functionality of this principle and the key to understand this has been showed to us as soon as we were on the world.

Imagine the situation, in which the people are the planets. Than  sun around which we move, isn’t anything else than God, who has created us, otherwise we wouldn’t exist neither could continue to exist.

We must relate ourselves to the orbits of the other planets, try to not  being invasive in confront of the others, this goes seldom respected (and it concerns all of us) because of the ignorance. Provokes us, day after day, new, useless problems, from little discussions, quarrelling to really even serious catastrophes. The responsibility here has and the only one guilty  about it is a man.

We must… to understand this Universal order and try to see it from behind, let’s say, as we were on the tower or a balcony, observing the things happening under us, around us.

Imagine to see thousands of little points moving and creating their own Orbits, each of them is well distinguished and visible, at conditions when each orbit……


As the lights of many films, which are projected by the high speed).

Now, the picture, we can observe, presents us un unbelievable kind of harmony an general order, in which we might easily analyse and separate each single of the points, while the perpetual movements design and reflect theirs individual orbits.

All those points, moving with a regularity and  strict order each of them around of proper Orbit, aren’t anything else then us.

Only examining it from the right distance – behind and external , we could understand, how it all works inside…..

It might all seem  a bit absurd…Maybe it wouldn’t be that bad,

If you’d follow my ideas  and try to impersonate yourself with things,I ‘m just trying to express and introduce in a very simple way. As far as you could comprehend, and see…

That might make you feel better, maybe it’ll make you reflect over our behaviour in a different way, more related to the others, in the absolute meaning of it.

For everything and everybody, we’ve got some rules: not invade the orbit of anybody else,

Except of the case, when there is an explicit agreement and reciprocal attraction, yes, I’m speaking about “Love” (doesn’t matter of which age or gender we are).

An other case, when being invasive to the somebody’s others Orbit can be excused, understood, is when you are treating your own child. Otherwise, the child, doesn’t have any other way to get in touch with the principles, that regulate our life – Orbital theory. It can’t, naturally last forever…maximum 15-20 years, thereafter, we should find the courage to suspend the period of interference in our children’s life, even they have their right to form their own orbit, independently of the parents.

This universal rules don’t excuse and forgive anything to anybody, a God was that, who made live  and as he gave us our life, he can even easily take it away…

Unfortunately, he isn’t the only one to have this power. We’ve learned very quickly do it on our own and therefore in very long space of time danger the not excluded extinction of the human kind.

A God couldn’t negate the life to us, therefore, he gave us the chance of procreation, as we are doing in a certain way, until now.

I wish, the Orbital Theory, could be introduced to everyone, to make the people reason and consider thing and life in a different perspective…as a rescue the humanity…

The persons, most subjected to this and at biggest risk are those, who were missing a precious contact with the orbits of proper parents or this contact has been for any reason suspended too soon. These persons, I think are suffering so many times and in some cases they are risking to experience this for the rest of their life. They have often the big lack of balance on the personal and interpersonal levels, what might lead to the incomprehension as well as very grave enterprises against the others and even themselves. It mightn’t be their own fault, maybe the ignorance of their parents when they very little babies was just too much…

They have to know…

I had this intuition, and I don’t know whether it was thanks to my proper ideas or more alike it was given somehow to me. Now, it might be couple of years ago, that I’m speculating, observing and examining myself and each single individuality from these perspective  - the customs, physical appearance and so many other things, whatever, which was created, because it doesn’t matter that much, what it is, the importance has “Doing”.

I wasn’t ever inspired by a studying itself.  I think, it consist in the most of the cases of  a simple creating of clones,(nothing more relevant), which are products of the culture of the others. I think, the main aim of  the clonation process in the future will be protecting basically the culture, which is undoubtedly a precious treasure, but still,fortunately, reproducible.

This simple principles, applied to our each day life, made me and I hope they will make you understand and see the things in the different way.