The premise

Tonight, couple of hours ago, while I was reading one of the pages of some magazine, I got the information, that a molecule, able to resist and to fight the virus AIDS, has been isolated.

The first thing, which came into my mind in that moment, was regarding the person, who has it created, in the fact, when I continued to read the article I had to correct myself, in reality, he was an inventor of quoted molecule. The difference between an inventor and a creator is, I suppose, evident enough, and this were the arguments, my mind started to reason  about….

The molecule wasn’t created in a laboratory, has been just isolated, and this would mean, that it did already exist in the  human organism.

Actually, several cases, in which the virus of AIDS didn’t have any progress, have been confirmed. There were some cases, when the organism was armed by the anticorpes, able to create a kind of protection coat round the cells and so, close, consequently, the entrance door to the virus of this illness. Everybody knows, the H.I.V. bring a certain death: it enters and cycles within our organism, and ends to succumb right in the nucleus of  the cell, where it reproduces itself…

I’ve done this little parallel, because what I think is, that the life, as a absolute term, won’t ever interrupt.

End that all the living beings could head and fight any kind of external offence. It was working like this until now, and it will probably continue to be in this way.

From this point, I wouldn’t be against famous Darwin’s theory, as he said, there is a natural selection on the world, the more adaptable and  resistant among human beings won’t  ever extinct, moreover they will become still more and more powerful, during a cyclical process of their reproduction, and right with these ideas, with a  concept of  reproduction, I would like to open my reflections about The theory of life…..



Each, animal or vegetal, living being has as a primary aim, during its life, its reproduction.

Otherwise, without this ability the life couldn’t exist or persist, and on the other hand, there wouldn’t be the reason of the reproduction without the life. This,  I admit, very banal declaration, incorporates all the conceptions, on which my Theory of life is based.

A man, among all living being, has always been considered with a particular superiority. Nevertheless, he still has to enter in the same category. And like among all other species, it’s the female, the predestined and predisposed to reproduce, with a small distinction, that the animal female’s process proceeds in the natural regularity and as a such permits the reproduction in an automatic way.

In the human case, it doesn’t  follow literally the same  way, however, the act of reproduction occurs indeed in  the,  by a biological clock, unregulated manner, actually, a man has succeeded to extend himself as a kind without a specific rules and, let’s say,  not properly in a proportional measures.

There is who claims, that the religion has been a great invention of  a man, as it puts the brake on,  slows down and gives well precise rules to limit the growth of  the population. It might sound I bit rough, but  a marriage, in its basics, could be just a simple invention, an answer in this context (a kind of natural and universal contraception) to head and fight this tendency.

Without the marriage and its rules, the entire humanity might get into pretty unpleasant situations.

Somehow here  the religions preserve and protect our humanity.

But remember, that  the religions will still derive from a man, nevertheless they might represent one of his biggest and more important inventions, and as inventions they will find their utility, not as creations.

I can imagine and understand, that not everybody would be exited by my ideas and appreciate, what I’ve just said about the marriage and religion. I would be happy, if just somebody started to think about the things, I’ve written here and contemplate them, maybe on his own way.

In this moment, I would put apart the argument, which I consider the primary aim of every human life, the reproduction and I will turn my attention to another, maybe the most discussed and enigmatic topics in the entire human history: a Death…

Just hearing this world, it associates and provokes in us the sense of  unpleasant, frightful. The reason of it is, that we usually attribute to it the end of the live.

I suppose, this isn’t  the proper interpretation and surely not the only one. Everybody is free to make a proper choice, according to the proper inclinations and opinions.

Each of us is preserving inside a proper vision of a death in a absolute sense, the thing, I would like to do, is just to make you introduce and maybe, participate on my proper ideas.

If the starting point is  the concept, that the life is endless, a death, actually, can’t exist, at least not in spiritual form of it, but only and exclusively in its physical form.

We are formed of the matter, but not only of it, we own even the soul, which, and we should realise this, could be recorded, like a voice on the tape, or if you’d like it better, on the CD.

What do we mean here by the registration is to fix in an exact, definite form an element. This allows us, consequently, two things: to archive them and to enable us to re-listen them afterwards, whenever and however we wish, in any lapse of time.

Listening to the registration successfully, you might re-live and remember an infinity of things again, as well the emotions.

The music and songs are a perfect machine of the time, which enables us to relive and remember any single event of our live, whatever it was.

The registration happens first and foremost for this purpose – enable us the reproduction of  certain things one day, when we wish to reuse it again. In its perfect and original version.

The soul, once detached from the material body, thus, in a parallel way as the voice on the tape or band, goes registered. For the purpose to be reused as soon as the suitable conditions for it are verified.

Right now, I would like to clarify to you  the why and wherefore of these things.

To link up with previously mentioned ideas of life and reproduction, I would like to turn my attention to this: two human beings can by the act of a copulation give a life to one and, eventually more persons. These will inherit in part theirs parents genetic, molecular and chromosomes patrimony. This patrimony, will pass from a parent to a child and, successively so on, in an unlimited and uncontrollable way.

We are all created and conditioned by this, our own patrimony will make part of the body of ours children.

All this completes an well precise pattern, which’s primary aim is the  human reproduction and the reproduction  of a life generally.

We could demonstrate and proof this by many historical records, which are evidence of several cases, declaring the notices, concerning the precedent live. And exactly about this, I’m going to speak, now.

According to my theory, each 7-10 generations, if we start by a single person, the creation of  a clone of  this, is enabled (by the genetic, chromosomes and molecular patrimony).

Maybe, the future researches and by a passing of the time, will confirm, that I didn’t fail.

Until now, it has been hard enough – actually, impossible to identify an exact physical resemblance.

The hundred years of archiving of a picture, isn’t, obviously, a lapse of the time long enough,  to permit us to proof this thesis. The time’ will probably make possible to verify and confirm it, because the life is endless and the reproduction as a general process, can permit all this.

I’ve been just talking about the physical recreation, at this point, I’ll turn my attention to another argument, which, maybe, excites even more curiosity…….to the Death and re-birth of the soul.     

Like I’ve said before, I’m highly convinced, that in the moment, when a physical death is verified, the soul, after being detached from the material body, goes registered, preserved for the only purpose to be later reused. The question, now is, in which way? We can try to explain even this.

Take as an example a sound-wave, precisely, the way, how happens the process the transmission an their reception. What’s happening with the radio-waves? They are transferred  for being received and re-listened, anytime, in any part of the Globe.

With the soul, we can suppose, it’s treating about an analogical process. When a physical death appears, the soul is getting transformed into an energy and as a such, transported, until its  moment arrives, into a primary energy and thus turns back, stored up in the new body.

All this happens as a physical recreation. We know many cases of those, who had somehow  touched a Death – they declare, they had a feeling of detachment, separation of the proper body, a re-ascent  on high, where they had seen the light…..we could understand this as a  process of the transformation of the soul (its physical form – live) into an energy.   Which, on its turn, after being transformed, according to my theory, reappears cyclically over and  over again….

After having read this paragraph, many of you will accuse me and will raise hundreds of critics. Like, for example, why then, we can’t see and pick up with any support this energy?

I will try to explain this with the, already used parallel: the tape and  the player. We obtain the required effect, just by the union of the two things. The concept is very simple - the soul has to be  seen as the tape, therefore caries the information.  The body has the function of the player, it means, represents a reader of the soul. Now, the couple is complete, and we can illustrate it better, than anything else.

The life, in the absolute sphere, as well as in its singular form, is endless. Therefore, when we’ll have to confront the physical  death, in that moment, our soul will be registered and transformed into energy, carried like the electromagnetic wave, for the only aim to get one day converted to the primary energy and stored up in the new-born body, so that the big adventure of a life could start once more again….  

Don’t be afraid of the death.